TiDB is very slow

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Original topic: tidb速度很慢

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[Test Environment] Testing environment
[TiDB Version] v8.0.0
[Reproduction Path] TiDB installed via k8s
[Encountered Issue: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] Insertion speed is abnormally slow
[Resource Configuration]

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The average maximum for insert is only 20ms.

What level of optimization would be acceptable to you?

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You need to check the execution plan of the statement.

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From the screenshot, it doesn’t seem slow. What is it being compared to that makes it seem slow?

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Is it possible to insert multiple values into xx?

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This insertion is not slow.

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:joy: The sorted column is the cumulative time, which is the execution time of all similar statements combined, not the execution time of a single statement. If you want to see which specific statement is slow, you can check the slow query section.

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How is slowness defined? Is it referring to individual queries or the overall time? The execution time of the SQL query is at most 19ms, which doesn’t seem to be a problem.

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This isn’t considered slow.

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Why are your environment requirements so high?

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First, check the relevant logs of the operating system and the database to see if you can find any useful information.

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The insertion speed is acceptable.

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From the first INSERT, the average time is 19 ms, executed 45k times, which is somewhat slow and has some long-tail latency.

  1. Is the TiDB cluster configured according to the official recommendations?
  2. How is the pressure on each node of the cluster? Are there any resources fully utilized or any resource skew (hotspot) situations?
  3. What is the row length of the INSERT? Can you use INSERT xxx values (),(),() to insert multiple rows at once?
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My average time for high-concurrency data insertion is 5 milliseconds.

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This isn’t slow, but it can be optimized. Check the logs.

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From the screenshot, the inserts are all in milliseconds.

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A performance of 20ms is indeed not high, especially considering the benefits of TiDB’s distributed nature for large data volumes, it’s even less impressive. However, the original poster’s description of the environment is too simplistic, making it difficult to pinpoint the issue. It might just be that the hardware itself is underperforming.

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Check if the data volume is large or if there is an issue with the SQL?

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Is it possible to convert inserts into batch inserts as much as possible to reduce the number of network interactions between the client and the database?