Tidb-lighting is not available in ARM architecture version V5.4.0

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Original topic: ARM架构V5.4.0版本tidb-lighting无法使用

| username: Miracle

Bug Report
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[TiDB Version]
[Impact of the Bug]
Unable to use tidb-lightning normally
[Possible Steps to Reproduce the Issue]
Download link: https://download.pingcap.org/tidb-toolkit-v5.4.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz
[Observed Unexpected Behavior]

[Expected Behavior]
tidb-lightning should work normally

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Check the directory with ls to see if there is a lightning file?

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Try changing the environment or re-downloading it to see if it works. The error here indicates that the file does not exist.
I checked the link above on ARM and it works.

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You can try reinstalling it first.

| username: Miracle | Original post link

I downloaded it from the tidb-toolkit package. The dumpling in the package is good, but there is a problem with lightning. The downloaded package has been verified with sha256 and it matches.

| username: Miracle | Original post link

How did you install this?

| username: TiDBer_小阿飞 | Original post link

Shouldn’t it be ./tidb-lightning-ctl -V?

| username: jebter | Original post link

The process should be the same as yours: download, unzip, and then check.

| username: knull | Original post link

It seems like this is an issue with your shell environment? Because it couldn’t find the file or directory.
Or you could try executing other binaries (non-TiDB ones) to see if they work?

| username: Miracle | Original post link

Yes, my environment was missing library files which caused the command to fail, but it has been resolved.

| username: Miracle | Original post link

Due to the lack of library files in Alpine Linux, the tidb-lighting command could not be executed. After running apk add libc6-compat, the command can be used normally.

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