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Lightning importing full data:
[“tidb lightning encountered error stack info”] [error=“[Lightning:Config:ErrInvalidConfig] conflict.strategy cannot be used with tikv-importer.parallel-import”]

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Please send the configuration file. It looks like there might be an issue with the configuration.

| username: Miracle | Original post link

Did you use logical import but configured the concurrency parameters for physical import?

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Configuration parameters and commands, please send them over.
Logical import and physical import were mixed up.

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There might be an issue with the configuration parameters; you can check them.

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Please send the parameter file. Is it in physical import mode?

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It looks like there is an error in the import mode. Refer to the official documentation to check:

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ErrInvalidConfig: Invalid configuration, conflict.strategy cannot be used together with tikv-importer.parallel-import.