TiDB Query Error: Region Not Found for Key

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Original topic: tidb查询数据报错 region not found for key

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[2023/02/28 23:27:09.335 +08:00] [WARN] [backoff.go:158] [“pdRPC backoffer.maxSleep 10000ms is exceeded, errors:\nregion not found for key "74800000000000010F5F69800000000000000801616D617A6F6E2E63FF6F6D000000000000F901423037324B314C4EFF4E59000000000000F90419AF3B76B9000001" at 2023-02-28T23:27:01.850892429+08:00\nregion not found for key "74800000000000010F5F69800000000000000801616D617A6F6E2E63FF6F6D000000000000F901423037324B314C4EFF4E59000000000000F90419AF3B76B9000001" at 2023-02-28T23:27:04.062178169+08:00\nregion not found for key "74800000000000010F5F69800000000000000801616D617A6F6E2E63FF6F6D000000000000F901423037324B314C4EFF4E59000000000000F90419AF3B76B9000001" at 2023-02-28T23:27:06.44840141+08:00\nlongest sleep type: pdRPC, time: 11832ms”]

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The region is lost. Find solutions for handling lost regions.

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How do I delete region_id 168937 that I found using pd-ctl region key?

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Try clearing the PD’s region cache, it may be risky.

curl -X DELETE http://${HostIP}:2379/pd/api/v1/admin/cache/region/{region_id}
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Did your TiKV nodes go down? How many went down?

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Hung one up

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The expert’s post solved the issue, and the index was finally rebuilt.

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