Tidb-server cannot start

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Original topic: tidb-server无法启动

| username: terry0219

【TiDB Environment】Testing
【TiDB Version】7.5.0

tidb-server cannot start, the log reports “failed to create the server” [error=“listen tcp bind: address already in use”], but I checked and port 4000 is not being listened to.

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Run netstat -na | grep 4000 to check.
Is the cluster failing to start after being used for a while, or is it a new installation that won’t start?

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Using netstat, there really is a connection established on port 4000. It just stops working after some use.

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However, this is not listening on port 4000 either. How should this be handled?

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Use netstat -nap | grep 4000 to see which process is occupying port 4000. If that doesn’t work, try restarting the machine.

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OK, thank you.

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If the service fails to start, check the logs in two places: one is the log in the deployment path set during the TiDB deployment, and the other is the operating system log. There will definitely be anomalies.

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Change to a different port since port 4000 is occupied by another process.

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Why do I feel like the service has already started?