TiDB service fails to start after power outage

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Original topic: 断电后tidb服务启动不了

| username: TiDBer_gJ3eDqHX

[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] V5.4.0
[Reproduction Path] Restart TiDB service
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]

I saw an error in the PD log: main.go:122] [“run server failed”] [error=“[PD:leveldb:ErrLevelDBOpen]leveldb: manifest corrupted (field ‘comparer’): missing [file=MANIFEST-000030]”] [stack=“main.main\n\t/home/jenkins/agent/workspace/build-common/go/src/github.com/pingcap/pd/cmd/pd-server/main.go:122\nruntime.main\n\t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/proc.go:225”
[Resource Configuration] Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page
[Attachments: Screenshots/Logs/Monitoring]

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Is it a test environment? Just set up 1 PD. If this PD fails, use pd-recover to restore it. There are many articles in the column:

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In the production environment, there’s only one PD? It’s not good to repair if the cluster brain doesn’t have HA and breaks down. Use the tool mentioned above, or consider seeking support from the original manufacturer.

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Will all my data be lost if I operate like this in the production environment?

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Data will not be lost, configure at least 3 PD nodes.

| username: TiDBer_gJ3eDqHX | Original post link

We only have one right now.

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Let’s see if we can fix PD. Playing around in a production environment is too risky. I suggest deploying PD on the TiDB server; three PD instances should be sufficient.

| username: TiDBer_gJ3eDqHX | Original post link

Are there any other solutions if it cannot be fixed?

| username: TiDBer_gJ3eDqHX | Original post link

My current PD cannot start and reports the following error when executed:

./pd-recover -endpoints -cluster-id 7088536805883498676 -alloc-id 35001
{"level":"warn","ts":"2023-11-07T19:34:38.738+0800","caller":"clientv3/retry_interceptor.go:61","msg":"retrying of unary invoker failed","target":"endpoint://client-464995ca-5e66-4985-b5a7-eacc0288f143/","attempt":0,"error":"rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = latest balancer error: all SubConns are in TransientFailure, latest connection error: connection error: desc = \"transport: Error while dialing dial tcp connect: no route to host\""}
context deadline exceeded
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No, you can find me to restore PD. I am in the second group, called Oscar Jiang Ming.

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Rename the original PD directory and restart or redeploy a new PD-only cluster, then use cain’recover. You need to have a functioning PD first.

| username: TiDBer_gJ3eDqHX | Original post link

Which group is it?

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Usually three PDs

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Add your cousin on WeChat; there’s a mutual assistance group chat.

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Master Jiang is awesome, hurry up and find him.

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Follow everyone’s suggestions.

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