TiDB Table Region is Unavailable Exception: Unable to Delete Table

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Original topic: tidb表 Region is unavailable 异常 表删除不掉

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Unable to drop the table, how to forcefully delete the table.

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There must be an issue with the cluster, otherwise, how could the table not be deleted?

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The cluster is scaling down.

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Uh, it might be that the region was moving when you checked. Try looking again later.

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Shrinking caused regions to be lost quickly, and the table cannot be deleted. How to handle this? How to force delete the table? It still cannot be deleted now.

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What are the steps for scaling down? Describe the specific symptoms of region loss. Please post the status of tiup cluster display.

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Scaling down will not cause region loss.

Normal scaling down requires waiting for data to be completed before stopping the scaling down node. Has the current data been completed? Do not perform any operations on the scaling down node yet…

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Forced a scale-down operation midway through by executing a force command.

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Can’t execute it.

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I deleted all the jobs but it still doesn’t work.

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It could be caused by region migration. You can check if it meets the TiDB data routing rules or if there is any data transformation.

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List all your operation steps, how many KVs there are in total, how many were compacted, and when the compaction was forced.

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Take a look at the system logs.

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Be patient and wait for the result of the last execution. Some of the next steps cannot be rushed.