[TiDB Talk in Dalian/Shanghai] Best Practices of TiDB in the Rakuten Points System

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Original topic: 【TiDB Talk 在大连/上海】TiDB 在乐天积分系统中的最佳实践

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Teacher Liu Yang just shared the best practices of TiDB in Rakuten’s points system at the 2023 Rakuten Technology Conference.

Currently using 60+ nodes, with a single table exceeding 9 billion rows, he introduced the challenges faced by Rakuten’s points system in its early stages due to the continuously increasing data volume and the underlying data architecture. During the initial selection phase, a performance comparison was made between YugabyteDB and CockroachDB in terms of elastic scaling.

Here are some live shots of the PPT, conveying a wave of case studies from the front line.

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Understood. Please provide the Chinese text you need translated.

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60 nodes equal how many TiKV instances?

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A single table with over 9 billion rows, is it really that powerful?