TiDB Update and Delete Operations

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Original topic: tidb更新、删除操作

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TiDB update operation:
For non-primary key updates, a new row is added. For primary key updates, the old row is deleted and a new row is added.

TiDB delete operation:
It does not actually delete the data but marks the data as deleted.

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No, right? Aren’t all updates and deletions in TiDB just adding new records? Marking the original records as historical data with MVCC?

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TiDB updates do not delete; they just add a new record with a version number. The old record will be automatically cleaned up when the GC time arrives.

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In TiDB, an update is also a new record, and a delete is also a new record of deletion, but with the latest version number. Then, the GC (Garbage Collection) completes the task of reclaiming old versions.

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This is like pg

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MVCC multi-version control will not delete within the GC Life Time range.