TiDB v6.1.0 Expansion CDC Failure

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Original topic: TiDB v6.1.0 扩容cdc失败

| username: lezhang0912

[Test Environment for TiDB] Testing CentOS7.6 x86_64 Hardware Environment
[TiDB Version] v6.1.0
[Encountered Issue: Phenomenon and Impact] After expanding the TiDB v6.1.0 cluster by adding two new CDC nodes, the first CDC is in a down state while the second is up. Restarting the first CDC using the tiup cluster start command still results in a down state. Checking the CDC logs shows initialization failure and failure to obtain metadata from PD. After scaling down the down node and re-expanding the CDC component on that node, the expansion still fails. Has anyone encountered this issue?

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Is it caused by a disconnection with PD?

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What do the logs of the faulty CDC and PD say?

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Is the CDC node connected to the PD network?

| username: lezhang0912 | Original post link

It’s connected.

| username: lezhang0912 | Original post link

The network is connected.

| username: lezhang0912 | Original post link

CDC log shows initialization failed, failed to obtain metadata from PD.

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Please provide the specific logs for review.

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What is the error when fetching PD metadata?

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Check the logs.