TiDB v6.5 DDL job is always in the cancelling state, how to completely terminate the DDL?

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Original topic: tidb v6.5 DDL job一直处于cancelling状态,请问怎样彻底结束该ddl

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 6.5
[Reproduction Path] Executing ALTER TABLE ‘table’ ADD ‘column’ DATETIME(6) DEFAULT NULL; got stuck, directly canceled execution. Later, multiple retries failed to modify the table structure, resulting in an error.

I want to ask how long it generally takes to kill the canceled DDL? Or is there any other way to completely terminate the DDL?

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Restart the TiDB node

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Shouldn’t adding a column be instantaneous?

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It should be fast normally.

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Adding a column should be completed quickly, right?

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Try restarting the TiDB node. However, generally adding a field should be quite fast.

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Will restarting the TiDB node solve this problem? I have always been unclear whether I need to restart the TiDB node or the TiKV node. DDL seems to be persisted on the TiKV node, and TiDB, as the owner, executes the DDL.