[TiDBer Chat Session 100] DM Database is Going Public! What Do You Think About Domestic Databases?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 100】达梦数据库要上市啦!对于国产数据库,大家怎么看?

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:sunglasses::tada: Dameng Database has received approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission for its STAR Market listing! This IPO approval for Dameng Database is also an important milestone for our domestic database industry. The development of Dameng has witnessed the journey of China’s database industry from scratch to growth and expansion. What do you all think about domestic databases? Let’s chat together!

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Dameng Database is going public! What do you think about domestic databases? :sparkles:

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2023.12.29 - 2024.1.5

The chat session has reached 100 episodes! A moment worth celebrating!! :tada:

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I’m sitting in front of my desk looking at it, there’s too much fluff, I don’t dare to look.

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I don’t care about going public, I just want points.

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It is only a matter of time before domestic databases are launched one after another. The country is prepared to support domestic products and decouple from foreign industries.

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Overcoming obstacles, being able to go public is definitely a good thing.

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More companies like this, please.

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There are over 200 domestic database companies competing fiercely. Let’s see who will have the last laugh.

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More than 300 companies are working on databases, with many just rebranding existing ones. Everyone wants a piece of the lucrative domestic market, but we’ll see who survives in the end.

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The 100th episode of the Chitchat Tea Party is here, and this is worth celebrating even more than dreaming of going public~~

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They have benefited from the dividends of information innovation and policies. Now, with the overall situation not looking good and capital tightening, investors are adopting a wait-and-see attitude. The IPO may not achieve the previously mentioned valuation of several billion. Despite this, they still spent several hundred million to build a large building.

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In a normal market, going public represents strong capabilities and is valued by the public. Among peers, DM (Dameng) is also one of the top in China. Market share highlights strength; being chosen by numerous private enterprises is the true mark of going public and going global. I hope there will be more companies with genuine strength, rather than those just looking to benefit from policy dividends and subsidies.

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Watching closely.
After the financing, it should develop better. As a domestic database, its security and service support should be more reliable.

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The threshold for the STAR Market is too high, I can’t buy it.

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Dameng IPO, maybe they already have a sense of crisis and want to make money quickly, hahaha~~

=== When it comes to domestic databases, I only trust TiDB!!! ===

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The news about DM (Dameng) going public is from a long time ago. The survival space without going public is very narrow.

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Going public can align with international standards, maintain high growth, and attract advanced technology, talent, and capital. However, if the company cannot keep up with the necessary resources for R&D, going public and being influenced by capital is an unavoidable move. Dameng is also one of the top databases in China, and the development of domestic databases still has a long way to go.

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First comment, grabbing some popcorn~

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I hope the day TiDB goes public comes soon!