[TiDBer Chat Session 119] TiDB 8.1 LTS Version Officially Released! Let's Discuss the Features of Version 8.1 That Can Help Address Your Business Scenario Pain Points

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 119】 TiDB 8.1 LTS 版本正式上线啦!一起聊聊 8.1 版本有哪些功能能帮助到你的业务场景痛点?

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TiDB 8.1.0 LTS is released! :tada::tada: The 8.1 version has made significant improvements and optimizations in stability, performance, SQL, database management, and data migration! Let’s take a look! :eyes: :raised_hands:

v8.1.0 Release Note:

Key Enhancements in v8.1.0:

  • Introduced a priority queue for automatic statistics collection, optimizing the order of statistics collection
  • Execution plan cache now supports plans that include “partitioned tables” and “generated columns,” expanding the application scenarios of plan caching
  • Improved BR snapshot recovery speed, with table creation performance increased by 10 times
  • Added support for pushing down a large number of functions, optimizing the execution plan selection for JSON multi-value indexes
  • Enhanced the scalability of PD Region information query service through Active PD Follower (experimental feature)
  • Supported splitting PD functionality into microservices, further improving system scalability (experimental feature)

Topic of the Issue:

TiDB 8.1 LTS version is officially online! Let’s discuss which features of version 8.1 can help address your business scenario pain points?

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Event Duration:

2024.5.24 - 2024.5.31

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Data migration!

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The automatic statistics collection introduced a priority queue, optimizing the order of statistics collection. Table creation performance has been improved by 10 times.

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The automatic statistics collection introduced a priority queue, optimizing the order of statistics collection.

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Global sorting + CDC enhancement

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Using TiProxy

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Now let’s test it on the virtual machine, and start the tiup upgrade!

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Can BR snapshot recovery capability restore data from version 5.4 to version 7.5? If it can, that would be even better.

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The automatic statistics collection has introduced a priority queue.

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Snapshot recovery speed must be improved!!!

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BR snapshot recovery and function pushdown improve query performance.

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I think cross-database execution plan binding, automatic statistics collection priority, and improving BR snapshot recovery speed are very practical.

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The dynamic statistics collection has introduced a priority queue, optimizing the order of statistics collection, improving recovery speed, and adding a large number of function pushdowns.

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Observing index usage can identify invalid indexes and improve operational efficiency.

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Improve BR snapshot recovery speed

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Writing general logs to a separate file and the speed of BR snapshot recovery

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The introduction of priority queues for automatic statistics collection has improved table creation performance by 10 times. It can handle batch DML for larger transactions.

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Table creation performance improved by 10 times, handling larger transactions with batch DML.