[TiDBer Chat Session 122] TiDB v7.5.2 Release: Did It Solve Your Problem?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 122】TiDB v7.5.2 发版,看看有没有解决你的问题?

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TiDB v7.5.2 has been officially released! The TiDB 7.5.2 version improves TiDB’s performance and stability through multiple enhancements and bug fixes. Key highlights include optimizations for the ANALYZE statement and metadata locks, enhanced concurrency for statistics initialization, improved TiKV log levels, and an updated etcd version for PD. Additionally, numerous critical issues such as index consistency, query performance, and monitoring accuracy have been addressed to ensure more reliable data processing and cluster operation. Furthermore, the toolchain, including BR and TiCDC, has been enhanced to improve data recovery and synchronization efficiency :muscle:

For detailed information, please see the v7.5.2 Release Note:

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TiDB v7.5.2 release, see if it solves your problems

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| username: Kongdom | Original post link

:muscle: :muscle: :muscle: It’s getting more and more stable~

| username: Jellybean | Original post link

Fixed over 150 potential issues, highly recommend upgrading to v7.5.2, it’s becoming more stable and reliable :100:

| username: 随缘天空 | Original post link

In fact, I care more about stability and reducing the bug rate. The version update speed is simply not keeping up, and I want to update but am afraid of problems. After all, I don’t dare to easily make changes in the production environment.

| username: YuchongXU | Original post link

Strong stability

| username: yulei7633 | Original post link

There are fewer and fewer bugs.

| username: Fly-bird | Original post link

Not planning to upgrade for now.

| username: DBRE | Original post link

Got it! Please provide the Chinese text you need translated.

| username: Tom_wu | Original post link

Performance is getting better and better :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

| username: onlyacat | Original post link

When will V9 be released?

| username: zhaokede | Original post link

Preparing to upgrade to 7.51 LTS

| username: TiDBer_jYQINSnf | Original post link

Fast and stable!!!

| username: 随便改个用户名 | Original post link

Quick, good, stable

| username: stephanie | Original post link

We just upgraded to 7.5.1, and it currently meets our requirements, so we don’t plan to upgrade for now.

| username: forever | Original post link

Fast and stable, keep it up!

| username: zhanggame1 | Original post link

  • Fixed the issue where the value of the auto-increment column might decrease when the AutoID Leader changes with AUTO_ID_CACHE=1 #52600 @tiancaiamao

I have encountered this issue three times in different versions, hopefully this fix will resolve it.