[TiDBer Chat Session 69] Are You Still Using MySQL 5.7? MySQL 5.7 Is About to End Its Iteration, How Will It Affect You?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 69】你还在使用 MySQL 5.7 吗?MySQL 5.7 即将结束迭代,对你有何影响?

| username: TiDB社区小助手

I believe many TiDBers have used MySQL 5.7. This version once provided excellent support and stability for numerous database users. However, it was recently announced that MySQL 5.7 will soon end its iteration. Are you still using MySQL 5.7? How does this change affect you?
:thinking: Is it a significant change that brings tears of the times, or does it have little impact on you?

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Are you still using MySQL 5.7? What impact does the end of MySQL 5.7 iteration have on you?

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| username: 裤衩儿飞上天 | Original post link

There are still a bunch of 5.6 in production, raise a hand :smiling_imp:

| username: 秋季番Oo | Original post link

Some old projects are still using 5.1, and they wanted to upgrade to 5.7 midway, but for various reasons, they couldn’t. Now that the official iteration of 5.7 has ended, all I can say is that the wheels of time keep rolling forward, leaving tire marks on our faces.

| username: twentycui | Original post link

The laboratory project is still using version 5.7, and there are currently no plans or actions to upgrade.

| username: DBRE | Original post link

There are still a bunch of 5.5.

| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

The end-of-life (EOL) of MySQL 5.1 and 5.7 marks the end of an era.

| username: Jellybean | Original post link

In the foreseeable future, the online business will continue to use version 5.7, but we will also further explore more scenarios for migrating business to version 8.0 and TiDB.

| username: dba-kit | Original post link

The idea of “don’t upgrade unless necessary” is what most leaders think. It is expected that version 5.7 will continue to run for a long time until a particularly big bug is exposed.

| username: Myth | Original post link

Stability is the priority, it’s not like it can’t be used :see_no_evil:

| username: 数据小黑 | Original post link

Anyway, since we’re not upgrading, it doesn’t seem to have much impact. The next step is all about domestic distributed systems, and it’s also possible to quit MySQL.

| username: xfworld | Original post link

There are a bunch in production, 5.6.X and 5.7.X, and also the new 8.0.X, no impact for now.

| username: 半瓶醋仙 | Original post link

Safety in the production environment comes first, stability second. If the requirements haven’t changed, we generally won’t upgrade.

| username: ealam_小羽 | Original post link

Both 5.6 and 5.7 are in production, and there are no plans to upgrade for now.

| username: Hacker_ufuLjDKs | Original post link

Still using 5.7, won’t proactively upgrade if there are no major issues.

| username: 啦啦啦啦啦 | Original post link

5.6 is still used by quite a few companies. The differences between 5.7 and 8.0 are quite significant. Projects that are already using it are unlikely to upgrade, but new projects can consider using it.

| username: tidb菜鸟一只 | Original post link

I thought TiDB was going to abandon 5.7 as well. In actual production, we generally use versions 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0. It’s okay to stop updating as long as it works.

| username: TiDBer_m6V1BalM | Original post link

How can those still using versions 5.5 and 5.6 servers cope!!? The learning cost in the IT industry is exceptionally high.

| username: xingzhenxiang | Original post link

I just upgraded to 5.7 last year, and it feels like 8.0 is no longer MySQL.

| username: huanglao2002 | Original post link

I’ve seen more than 8.

| username: Soysauce520 | Original post link

Useless, maybe you should consider migrating MySQL 5.7 to TiDB :stuck_out_tongue: