【TiDBer Chat Session 71】Sharing Soul Soothers: Tell Us Your Best Relaxation Methods to Rejuvenate Yourself~

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 71】心灵抚慰剂分享,快来说说让你重获最佳状态的放松方式~

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In the past few years following the pandemic, hot topics have almost always been depressing terms. So, for this chat session, let’s break away from the gloom and share everyone’s ways to relax. How do you TiDBers relax and get into a better state?

:person_in_lotus_position: Let me start with one. Recently, I saw some friends sharing meditation relaxation on Bilibili, which is said to be as effective as 3 hours of deep sleep in restoring your state. So, I’ve been relying on this seemingly magical but indeed effective method to get back to my best state, and I recommend the meditation relaxation method to everyone.
:watermelon: How do you TiDBers relax and get into your best state?

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How do you TiDBers relax and get into your best state?

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| username: zhanggame1 | Original post link

The only way for foodies to relax is to eat delicious food. When stressed, they eat; when happy, they eat even more.

| username: TiDBer_pFFcXLgY | Original post link

Sweating while playing ball

| username: xfworld | Original post link

Take some time to achieve a daily brisk walk, not only can it help with weight loss, but it also allows for short-term focus. If you have ample time, go for a 5KM jog, which will give your body a thorough workout and naturally enhance your cardiovascular capacity, reducing stress…

If you manage to do any of these activities daily, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and be filled with confidence.

Additionally, listening to music, watching movies, and playing games are all good ways to relax. I would choose singing, even though I sing terribly, haha (no matter what, shouting it out feels great) :upside_down_face:

Lastly, a magical skill: catching up on sleep…
I suggest that when your body protests, just get more sleep. Being well-rested will naturally change your state…

| username: 裤衩儿飞上天 | Original post link

Ideal way: Sleep for a month + Take a trip to Tibet + Go on a shopping spree
Reality: It’s good enough to keep exercising

| username: 霸王龙的日常 | Original post link

Go for a run, and take a shower afterward to feel refreshed.

| username: tidb菜鸟一只 | Original post link

Maintaining regular exercise and healthy eating habits, then occasionally indulging in a binge eating session, followed by intense exercise and a good night’s sleep, feels fantastic.

| username: Myth | Original post link

Sleeping and catching up on sleep are the best ways to relax.

| username: TiDBer_m6V1BalM | Original post link

Go for a hike, shout out loud at the top of the mountain, and have a good night’s sleep!!!

| username: 边城元元 | Original post link

Play a game of ball.

| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

Sleep, falling asleep on a rainy night.

| username: 孙晨航11 | Original post link

Running with headphones on, immersing yourself in the music and running away all your worries.

| username: ealam_小羽 | Original post link

Run 5km and eat something delicious.

| username: 爱学习的TiDBer | Original post link

Lying in bed, not thinking about anything, or playing games with good friends.

| username: 天蓝色的小九 | Original post link

Sleep, and all worries will disappear once you fall asleep.

| username: ti-tiger | Original post link

Fitness is relatively relaxing.

| username: TiDBer_小小 | Original post link

Sleep and eat delicious food.

| username: 草木小白 | Original post link

Drowsiness, I have to go for a run to reduce the need for sleep.

| username: 啦啦啦啦啦 | Original post link

Sleep or take a walk