[TiDBer Chat Session 72] Version 7.1.0 is Live! What Feature/Function Are You Most Excited About?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 72】 v7.1.0 版本上线!说说你最期待的特性/功能是什么?

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:tada: TiDB v7.1.0 is now live! TiDB v7.1 is the first LTS (Long Term Support) version released in 2023. What features are you most looking forward to in the new version?

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TiDB v7.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: May 31, 2023

TiDB Version: v7.1.0

Trial Links: Quick Start | Production Deployment | Download Offline Package

TiDB 7.1.0 is a Long-Term Support Release (LTS).

Compared to the previous LTS (version 6.5.0), version 7.1.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes from 6.6.0-DMR and 7.0.0-DMR, and introduces the following key features:

Category Feature Description
Scalability and Performance TiFlash supports storage-compute separation and S3 shared storage (experimental feature, introduced from v7.0.0) TiFlash adds support for cloud-native architecture as an option: supports storage-compute separation architecture, enhancing HTAP resource elasticity. Supports S3-based storage engine to provide shared storage at a lower cost.
TiKV supports batch aggregation of data requests (introduced from v6.6.0) TiDB supports partially merging data requests sent to the same TiKV instance, reducing the number of subtasks and RPC request overhead. In scenarios where data is sparsely distributed and gRPC thread pool resources are tight, batch requests can improve performance by over 50%.
Load-based replica reading In read hotspot scenarios, TiDB can forward read requests from hotspot TiKV nodes to replicas. This feature effectively disperses read hotspots and optimizes cluster resource utilization. You can control the trigger threshold for load-based replica reading by adjusting the system variable tidb_load_based_replica_read_threshold.
TiKV supports partitioned Raft KV storage engine (experimental feature) TiKV introduces a new generation of storage engine partitioned Raft KV, where each data Region has its own RocksDB instance, expanding the cluster’s storage capacity from TB to PB level, providing more stable write latency and stronger scalability.
Stability and High Availability Resource Control (GA) Supports resource control based on resource groups, allocating and isolating resources for different workloads in the same cluster. This feature significantly improves the stability of multi-application clusters and lays the foundation for multi-tenancy. In v7.1.0, resource control introduces the ability to estimate cluster capacity based on actual load or hardware deployment.
TiFlash supports data spill to disk (introduced from v7.0.0) TiFlash supports spilling intermediate results to disk to alleviate OOM issues in data-intensive operations such as aggregation, sorting, and Hash Join.
SQL Multi-value Index (GA) Introduces MySQL-compatible multi-value index, enhancing JSON type, and improving TiDB’s compatibility with MySQL 8.0. This feature improves the efficiency of member checks on multi-value columns.
Row-level TTL (GA from v7.0.0) Supports automatic deletion of data exceeding its lifecycle (Time to live) through background tasks, automatically managing data scale and improving performance.
Generated Columns (GA) The value of generated columns is obtained by real-time calculation of the SQL expression defined in the column. This feature pushes some application logic to the database layer, improving query efficiency.
Security LDAP Authentication TiDB supports LDAP authentication compatible with MySQL 8.0.
Enhanced database auditing (Enterprise Edition) TiDB Enterprise Edition enhances database auditing capabilities with finer-grained event filtering control, more user-friendly filtering condition settings, new JSON file output format, and audit log lifecycle management, significantly improving the system’s auditing capabilities.

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With the release of version 7.1.0, what features are you most looking forward to?

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For more information about v7.1.0, click here
TiDB v7.1.0 LTS Release Notes
Resource Control Product Documentation

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Resource Control (GA)

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Resource control. There is still quite a bit of remaining space in the cluster. Considering migrating other MySQL services over, but worried about affecting existing services.

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Many services are on TiDB, and it’s difficult to upgrade. Otherwise, if problems arise, it will be a hassle.

| username: db_user | Original post link

Resource control + TiKV supports batch aggregation data requests

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It must be resource control, and then load-based replica read

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Resource control and TiFlash data persistence

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Resource control: if it can consume less hardware, more people might use it. After all, higher hardware requirements mean a higher threshold.

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TiFlash supports storage-compute separation and S3 shared storage, enabling low-cost integration of TiFlash.

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Reduce resource consumption

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Free from future adaptation troubles, free from deadlock troubles…

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Compatible with MySQL 8 further.

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Stability and high availability resource control and SQL GA

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This feature is great.

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I took the v5 certification last year, and now it’s already v7. Time flies.

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Autonomous database

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Multi-tenant resource management