[TiDBer Chat Session 83] What is your opinion on Japan's nuclear wastewater discharge issue?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 83】你怎么看待日本排放核污水问题的?

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:face_with_peeking_eye: I believe that all technical personnel will subtly develop their own “programming thinking,” as they often break down complex problems into smaller parts when writing code daily. This also forms their unique way of thinking and logical perception.

The recent hot topic is Japan’s discharge of nuclear wastewater. Various media have analyzed and reported on this event, and some have analyzed the potential radioactive levels in the ocean and possible harmful effects from a scientific perspective over the next few decades after Japan’s discharge.
So today, we want to hear how you technical folks view Japan’s discharge of nuclear wastewater.

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What do you think about Japan’s discharge of nuclear wastewater?

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The two-dimensional foil has been delivered~ :yum:

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Let the whole world bear his mistakes.

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Hurry up and create the baseline.

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Today, August 28, 2023, it has been 8 months and 21 days since the control measures were lifted on December 7, 2022. Looking back over the past three years, what do you think of the herd immunity proposed by the UK in March 2020?

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Got it, back to work, there’s nothing we can do anyway :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Japan’s reckless discharge of nuclear wastewater (note, not sewage) disregards the facts. Ordinary people, apart from being outraged, have no deeper understanding of the harm caused by nuclear pollution, which only increases anxiety. Deep down, their contempt and hostility towards Japan become more profound, and their hatred towards pro-Japanese elements and traitors will erupt at some point in the future.

However, the collective silence of Europe and the United States is puzzling. Countries like the United States surely understand the stakes involved, and our country has only issued diplomatic condemnations without any painful sanctions, which is also intriguing.

Looking at TEPCO over the past few years, it has long been firmly controlled by Anglo-Saxon capitalists like BlackRock and Vanguard.

In my humble opinion, this act of cutting off future generations is nothing more than another sinister play by evil capitalists, the unscrupulous United States, Japan, and South Korea, aimed at disgusting us. The real game has yet to begin. We can imagine that such disgusting double standards and unscrupulous actions will become more frequent. We quietly await our country’s strategic planning and decisive victory.

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It’s unfortunate, the food chain will definitely be affected.

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Let’s look at it rationally. After all, ordinary people can’t do anything about it.

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Making mistakes yourself and dragging the whole world to pay for it…

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Can eating a lot of nuclear-contaminated seafood make you immune to nuclear radiation?

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When you have time, let Miss Qiu go there.

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Japan’s move will cause more severe damage to global water resources, and the United States has previously publicly stated that the competition for water resources is very important. Our country’s per capita water resources are very scarce, and our ability to manage nuclear pollution may lag behind that of developed countries. Therefore, the collective silence of European and American countries may be a strategic move targeting China’s water resources.

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  1. Currently, the data looks normal. Just keep monitoring.
  2. This topic will soon pass.
  3. This post will soon pass as well.
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Whether the nuclear wastewater discharged by the Japanese meets the standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency has nothing to do with me. I just want to know who I offended. Just because I live on the same planet as the Japanese, I have to be affected by this? At least the Japanese saved money, but what benefits did I get? Nothing at all, yet I have to bear the consequences with them? Why? If you are speaking for the Japanese and you got paid, then fine. But if you didn’t get paid and have no benefits, yet still insist on speaking for them, all I can say is you are truly a 24K pure idiot…

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Grabbed a bag of salt, indifferent to life and death, whatever happens, happens.

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The same attitude as the Chinese government, which is to condemn.