[TiDBer Chat Session 89] Discover New Ideas for Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement: How Do Companies Achieve Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 89】一起 get 降本增效新思路:大家所在的企业都是怎么降本增效的?

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In the face of an uncertain external environment, various industries are now implementing cost reduction and efficiency improvement measures, and many companies have seen initial results after implementing these measures. This tea talk session will discuss how companies are reducing costs and improving efficiency, and let’s get new ideas for cost reduction and efficiency improvement together! :white_check_mark:

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How is your company reducing costs and improving efficiency?

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Reduce server resources

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Strict attendance tracking, optimize those who do not meet KPI standards.

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Outputting talent to society…

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At least one person or machine has the option to graduate :mortar_board:

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Issue graduation certificate

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The TiDB database server deployed on Alibaba Cloud originally used the highest configuration SSD-PL2 level disk. To reduce costs, it was replaced with a local SSD disk, reducing costs by nearly 70%, and has become a benchmark.

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You must reduce the CPU usage to 10%, I don’t care about anything else~~~~

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For disks with less than 50% usage and CPU/memory peak usage below 30%, reduce capacity and lay off staff.

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Unprofitable ones will all be cut off… This way, costs will be reduced…

Because the inefficient ones are cut, the efficiency of the others will appear higher… :rofl:

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Provide your own metrics, you know, or they just won’t release them and keep delaying…

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Isn’t layoffs the most common thing?

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One person doing the work of many, with various thoughts, just to avoid spending money on layoffs.

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Self-replication~ :yum:

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Personal income is linked to the department. If the department’s targets are not met, performance bonuses are deducted; then there are various reforms.