[TiDBer Tea Talk 46] What Does a Day in the Life of a TiDBer Look Like?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 46】TiDBer 工作的一天是什么样的?

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I accidentally saw a joke online saying that the happiest day for a DBA is: a cup of tea :tea:, a pack of cigarettes :smoking:, and exporting a table all day.


Does this kind of “heavenly life” really exist in the current DBA work?

Today, let’s talk about what a day in the life of a DBA/programmer is like. Is it a heavenly day of just exporting one table (quick, tell us so we can all be envious) or incredibly busy (exhausted, come and vent a bit)?

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Let’s talk about how you spend a day at work. How many things do you have to deal with in a day?

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After a whole day, it feels like I haven’t done anything… :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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A mess of problems, busy from morning till night, didn’t get anything done from this week’s plan, and feel embarrassed to push it to next week. What should I do? :sweat_smile:

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On Singles’ Day, I browse the community, check out JD.com, and make some tea. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Sometimes it really takes a whole day to import a table, or rather, not even a single table gets imported :joy:

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The first thing I do when I wake up is to check if there are any issues in the group that need to be addressed.

Then I brush my teeth, have breakfast, and go back to my room to continue working.

After that, there will be various colleagues reaching out on Feishu:

Product and Research
Business Department

Collaborative communication, multitasking in parallel~

The middle platform department is about cooperating with everyone who needs to do what needs to be done~

Then the remaining time can be used to think and do what I want to do, which is quite scattered.

Often, some activities are thought of during sleepless nights, thinking about what activities can be done.

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Busy and never a moment to rest
Finished writing a summary after work in one sentence

Recently unemployed, under lockdown at home
I’ll report back once I find a job

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Data center migration, one instance takes a whole day to export, export a bit and report an error, export a bit and report an error :joy:

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In the morning, I arrive at the company a bit early to open asktug, check in, and see if there are any issues on the forum that I can help solve. I also look for any interesting questions that I’m curious about to join in the discussion, learn about the solutions, and broaden my knowledge. Then I get down to work seriously. It’s another happy day.

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I sorted through 300 projects on GitHub by star count in descending order, but I couldn’t find an open-source, free SQL review platform that supports both Chinese and English. Another happy day.

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After looking at the expression “a cup of tea, a pack of cigarettes, and a table for a day” for a long time, I couldn’t understand what it meant. I thought it was tea + cigarettes + (watch) = 1 day, until I saw the above DBA, then I understood.

My day:
In the morning, I arrive at the company, check emails, have a morning meeting, open my notebook and list what to do today. If I can start something, I start it. When it’s almost time for lunch, I check asktug, then go for lunch.
Afternoon: working hard + asktug + nucleic acid test + bathroom, and the afternoon is over.
Evening: meetings, dinner, working hard, and then go home.

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When work gets busy, it’s like being a spinning top. With multiple tasks at hand, handling various issues. Suddenly, when all the work is done, there’s a brief moment of amnesia, and I can’t remember what to do next…

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Identify issues, discover problems, solve problems, repeat.

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After a whole day, it feels like I haven’t done anything…
Copying what the expert said is very similar, it’s just development, testing, copy.

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Create databases, create tables, create indexes; analyze problems, solve problems; data import, backup.

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Every day is
Operations → Encounter problems → Find solutions → Go to asktug, GitHub.

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If you get busy, you don’t even dare to go to the bathroom.

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Spent the whole day optimizing an SQL, browsing GitHub.

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Browsing AskTUG and doing miscellaneous tasks, the day is almost over~