TiFlash Automatic Disconnection

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Original topic: tiflash自动断开

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tiup cluster display <cluster_name>
Found tiflash suddenly down

Below are the log details:
tiflash1.log (194.0 KB)
tiflash_error1.log (327.8 KB)

Requesting experts to help analyze the cause, thank you.

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If you find that TiFlash suddenly goes down, you can use the tiup cluster display command to check the status of TiFlash. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Execute the following command to check the cluster status:

    tiup cluster display <cluster-name>

    Where <cluster-name> is the name of your deployed TiDB cluster.

  2. Check the status of TiFlash:

    In the output of the tiup cluster display command, you can find the status information of TiFlash. For example:

        Cluster type:       standalone
        Cluster version:    v4.0.0
        Dashboard URL:      http://<ip>:<port>
        Log path:           /data1/deploy/tiflash-9000/log/tiflash.log
        Last started:       N/A
        Last stopped:       2021-01-01 00:00:00
        Total replicas:     0
        Replicas:           N/A
        Data dir:           /data1/deploy/tiflash-9000/data
        Deploy dir:         /data1/deploy/tiflash-9000
        Log dir:            /data1/deploy/tiflash-9000/log
        Resource control:   N/A
        Process Status:
            tiflash:        Down

    In the above output, you can see that the status of TiFlash is Down, indicating that TiFlash is currently down.

  3. Check the TiFlash logs:

    If TiFlash suddenly goes down, you can check the TiFlash logs to understand the specific error information. In the above output, you can find the log path of TiFlash, such as /data1/deploy/tiflash-9000/log/tiflash.log. You can use the tail command to view the TiFlash logs:

    tail -f /data1/deploy/tiflash-9000/log/tiflash.log

    Looking for error information in the logs can help you find the reason why TiFlash is down.

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Is this a new 7.1 cluster built on the existing cluster environment?

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tiup cluster restart -N

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After discovering the table event_analyze with the command ALTER TABLE event_analyze SET TIFLASH REPLICA 1;, it disconnects after a while.

The corresponding logs are a bit confusing. Could an expert please help analyze the reason?
tiflash1.log (492.2 KB)
tiflash_error1.log (155.7 KB)

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Have you found the reason?