TiFlash only synchronizes TiDB tables, not the index data on those tables, right?

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Original topic: tiflash只同步tidb的表,不同步该表上的索引数据吧

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May I ask, does TiFlash only synchronize the tables from TiDB and not the index data on those tables?

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TiFlash also has indexes, but it shouldn’t be said that they are copied from TiKV. It should be considered as automatically maintained on the table data copied from TiKV.

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What I understand is that it is not synchronized, and row storage indexes are not suitable for column storage.

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Is the columnar database index a sparse index? For example, StarRocks uses a sparse index that is automatically maintained.

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TiFlash is columnar storage, so it should not be necessary.

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TiFlash does not synchronize row indexes, but it does have column indexes.

Take Excel as an example, and you’ll understand. When we look at an Excel spreadsheet, there are row numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and column labels (A, B, C, D, etc.). Typically, we add a “serial number” row.

Now, suppose you have 10,000 rows and 10 columns. If you transpose the columns to rows and rows to columns, this will generate new rows and columns. You will see that the new “rows” only have 10 rows, and the original serial number row becomes an essential field, so synchronization is no longer necessary.

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P.S: If it’s a composite index or expression index, I guess it won’t be synchronized.

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Columnar storage, with each column being indexed data, feels unnecessary.

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Columnar databases actually store the key of the table and the information of each column for each column, which is essentially equivalent to column indexes on row-based databases, right?