TiFlash reported a bunch of errors at TiDBSchemaSyncer.cpp:252

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Original topic: tiflash 报了一堆TiDBSchemaSyncer.cpp:252 的错误

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Since early morning, this error has been reported continuously, and it is now unusable.

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From the logs, it appears that your table ID mapping is incorrect (lost).

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How to recover, can we first cancel the TiFlash replica of this table to recover?

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If the business allows, you can resynchronize this table.

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The issue is that TiFlash cannot start, and this is the latest error.

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You can take a closer look at what DDL was executed or what operations were performed, and check the initial error in the logs.

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If possible, please provide the version information of the components.

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Find the table with the corresponding table_id of 167366, first set the TiFlash replica to 0, and then start TiFlash.

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Did you perform any operations on the cluster before this error occurred?

It seems that there were some anomalies during the data synchronization update process.
You can check the logs of TiKV and TiFlash again to see if there are any other error messages.

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It should be that the metadata of TiKV has an anomaly.