TiFlash Table Synchronization is Slow

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Original topic: TiFlash 表同步慢

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[Encountered Problem: TIDB Tiflash table synchronization is slow
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tiflash_error.log screenshot

tiflash_error_30.txt (3.3 MB)

Now the disk usage has decreased, but synchronization is still slow, and tiflash_error.log has the following error:
[FLASH:Coprocessor:RegionError] Region 3931443898 is unavailable at 9: (while doing learner read for table, logical table_id: 10793275)

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Are these tables very large?

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Possible reasons for slow TiFlash table synchronization include large data volume, network latency, insufficient TiFlash node performance, and connection bottlenecks between TiDB and TiFlash. It is necessary to check and optimize data distribution, network connections, hardware performance, and adjust configuration parameters to improve synchronization speed.

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What is the hardware configuration of the TiFlash node? Is the memory sufficient?

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The IO performance is poor, right?

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Check the resources and adjust the scheduling-related parameters. Refer to: 构建 TiFlash 副本 | PingCAP 文档中心

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The disk is too full, so PD stopped scheduling.

  1. Replace with a larger disk
  2. Set storage.main.capacity to be smaller than the disk space
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The disk usage of the node has decreased now, but the synchronization is still very slow.

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Replace the SSD solid-state drive.

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  1. The configuration is a bit low.
  2. It might be better to switch the file system to ext4.
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Does this error have any impact?

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Your space usage is too high. By default, scheduling stops at 70%, if I remember correctly. You can check the pd-ctl ratio configuration.

If the scheduling is too slow, you can increase the store limit for TiFlash. The default is 30, you can change it to 200.

You should first confirm whether it has stopped scheduling or if the scheduling is just slow.