TiKV Abnormal Node Cannot Be Properly Taken Offline

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Original topic: tikv异常节点无法正常下线

| username: 天明0829

The TiKV node is abnormal and cannot be started. Subsequently, the node was taken offline through scaling down, and then the node was forcibly taken offline. After a day, it was found that there were still error logs in the logs connecting to the abnormal node. I would like to ask, under what circumstances does this anomaly occur? How can it be resolved?

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Check the status of each store in pd-ctl.

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Was there any manual restart of the KV service on the TiKV server at this time point when the TiKV node was abnormal and could not start?

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Check if this node has any blocked leaders and regions pending migration.

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pd-ctl also needs to be removed, store remove-tombstone

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It is necessary to stop and restart all related nodes in a loop.