TiKV CPU Spikes to Full Usage

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Original topic: TiKV CPU瞬间拉满

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 5.4.1
[Resource Configuration] 32c 180G 1T SSD
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TiKV’s CPU suddenly maxes out, and the read/write volume of TiKV jumps from 1G-2G directly to around 7G, causing a large number of business restarts.

Accompanied by a large number of slow queries, has anyone encountered the same phenomenon?

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The raftstore error will also increase during the same period.

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Check slow SQL on the dashboard.

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Slow SQL queries that usually take 60ms-300ms can suddenly take 10+ seconds or even 100+ seconds when issues arise.

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The TiKV logs often show leader election failures.

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When IO util decreases, the MBps of TiKV increases, and the two metrics are inversely related.

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This is generally caused by full SQL. Check the expensive SQL in the TiDB logs during that period. Alternatively, you can match the “slow” keyword in tikv.log to see if there are any large tasks. According to the monitoring, the network read has increased.

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This is generally caused by a chain reaction of slow SQL. Check the logs around 22:40 to see if there are any particularly large SQL queries.

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Eliminating slow SQL can solve 80% of the problems.

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Is there a new feature launched in the business? There is a sudden spike in read requests.

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Check the slow SQL and see if the execution plan has changed.

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Refer to this teacher’s suggestion to check the expensive SQL. By looking at the MBps provided by TiKV, the main issue is that the read traffic has reached the GiB level. Focus on read requests and Slow queries.

Refer to the slow query troubleshooting documentation.

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Caused by slow SQL. Additionally, I found that right joins perform poorly in practice, so you might want to try rewriting them as left joins. If possible, I have a suggestion to kill SQL based on duration and memory dimensions, and then analyze it. This way, it won’t affect the external services provided by the production environment.

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