TiKV Disk Size Imbalance and

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Original topic: Tikv 磁盘大小不均和

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Test / Poc
[TiDB Version] tidb5.0.6
[Reproduction Path] What operations were performed that caused the issue
[Encountered Issue: Problem Phenomenon and Impact]
Tikv disk imbalance, significant capacity difference, huge score gap
[Resource Configuration] Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page
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“replication”: {
“enable-placement-rules”: “false”,
“isolation-level”: “”,
“location-labels”: “host”,
“max-replicas”: 3,
“strictly-match-label”: “false”
“schedule”: {
“enable-cross-table-merge”: “true”,
“enable-debug-metrics”: “false”,
“enable-joint-consensus”: “true”,
“enable-location-replacement”: “true”,
“enable-make-up-replica”: “true”,
“enable-one-way-merge”: “false”,
“enable-remove-down-replica”: “true”,
“enable-remove-extra-replica”: “true”,
“enable-replace-offline-replica”: “true”,
“high-space-ratio”: 0.9,
“hot-region-cache-hits-threshold”: 3,
“hot-region-schedule-limit”: 4,
“leader-schedule-limit”: 4,
“leader-schedule-policy”: “count”,
“low-space-ratio”: 1,
“max-merge-region-keys”: 200000,
“max-merge-region-size”: 20,
“max-pending-peer-count”: 4,
“max-snapshot-count”: 3,
“max-store-down-time”: “30m0s”,
“merge-schedule-limit”: 8,
“patrol-region-interval”: “100ms”,
“region-schedule-limit”: 2048,
“region-score-formula-version”: “v2”,
“replica-schedule-limit”: 64,
“scheduler-max-waiting-operator”: 5,
“split-merge-interval”: “1h0m0s”,
“store-limit-mode”: “manual”,
“tolerant-size-ratio”: 0

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Analyze the directory with du to see if there are any large files.

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What about disk space usage? Is it similar?

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This is a TiKV that was newly added a few months ago.

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It should be caused by REGINE imbalance, and using PD’s label feature can solve it.

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Check if the tags are applied correctly.

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Is it a single-node multi-instance deployment? Check the configuration of the labels in the host.

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Check the labels assigned to each TiKV by using the command tiup cluster edit-config <cluster-name>.