TiKV is responding very slowly

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Original topic: tikv响应很慢

| username: 月明星稀

TiKV is responding slowly and reporting this error. Could someone help me understand what the issue is and whether it will affect TiKV’s response?

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What version?
What is the configuration?
Did you perform any operations?

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Data lost?

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Version: 6.5.0

WARNING: This file is auto-generated. Do not edit! All your modifications will be overwritten!

You can use ‘tiup cluster edit-config’ and ‘tiup cluster reload’ to update the configuration

All configuration items you want to change can be added to:



aa.b1.c3: value

aa.b2.c4: value

ca-path = “/usr/local/xxxx/tikv-22222/tls/ca.crt”
cert-allowed-cn = [“xx.xx”, “xx.xx”]
cert-path = “/usr/local/xxxx/tikv-22222/tls/tikv.crt”
key-path = “/usr/local/xxxx/tikv-22222/tls/tikv.pem”

api-version = 2
enable-ttl = true

No operations were performed, but after running for a while, the response became slow.

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Use pd-ctl to check the status of region 5005.

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INFO level can be ignored, it is not considered an error.

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What does this indicate? Will it affect response time?

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The response time is slow, check the TiKV-related monitoring on Grafana.

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It seems that data has been lost.

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At the slow time point, monitor the data.

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Region misses should not be too common. I had disabled region miss alerts for a while back then. At that time, to prevent write hotspots, I pre-split many regions. It is possible that I split the regions too finely, and since the import hadn’t started, these empty regions were frequently scheduled.