TiKV Memory Usage Continues to Grow

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Original topic: TIKV内存使用持续增长

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] V6.5.1
[Encountered Issue: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] TIKV memory keeps growing

Deployed on a virtual machine v6.5.1. The memory limit for storage.block-cache.capacity is set to 45% of the allocated virtual machine memory (specific value 75G), but the memory usage keeps growing until OOM, then it starts growing again and OOMs again.

The official documentation has TiKV 内存参数性能调优 | PingCAP 文档中心

How to understand the sentence in the red box? If there are large queries, isn’t the space occupied by rocksdb.defaultcf.block-cache-size set? Is it occupying another memory space of rocksdb.defaultcf.block-cache-size?

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Literally, it means caching query data into memory. Check in the dashboard under topsql to see which SQL is using so many resources, optimize the SQL or limit the SQL memory usage.

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When there is a storage.block-cache.capacity = 75G limit, it should start clearing some cache when it reaches around 75G, right? Why does it exceed the limit?

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How many GB of memory does your virtual machine have in total? Additionally, are there other components deployed on it, or is there only one TiKV?

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Virtual memory 170G, only deployed TIKV

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Single-instance TiKV or multi-instance?

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That shouldn’t be the case. The storage.block-cache.capacity parameter is set to limit TiDB’s block-cache to only use 75G. Other memory usage, including the content you copied in the red box, should at most use 2/3 of the block-cache. The reason TiDB asks you to set storage.block-cache.capacity to 45% of the total server memory is to ensure that TiKV’s total memory usage does not exceed 75% of the system’s total memory, leaving 25% for the system to use. Can you take a screenshot of the host’s memory usage rate? Let’s see how much memory TiKV is actually using.

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If you have 256GB of memory and 4 TiKV instances, how much storage.block-cache.capacity would you recommend allocating?

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I understand this. Sorting and grouping require temporary memory, which means system memory will be used.

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256/4*45%=28G. If it’s a multi-instance TiKV, follow what I mentioned earlier: first reserve 25% for the system, then divide the remaining 75% among the 4 instances. Each instance’s 3/5 portion will be the size of the storage.block-cache.capacity parameter.

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Got it, thank you.

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Single instance