TiKV Node Error: ERROR: txn aborts, err_code=KV:Storage:Unknown, err="Error(Engine(Error(Other Log Automatically Restarts

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Original topic: TiKV节点报错 ERROR:txn aborts,err_code=KV:Storage:Unknown,err="Error(Engine(Error(Other 日志后自动重启

| username: jshan

[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v5.1.2 (using TiKV directly for KV storage, without TiDB nodes)
[Encountered Issue: Frequent ERROR messages in TiKV logs; [2023/12/15 22:41:53.729 +08:00] [ERROR] [errors.rs:324] [“txn aborts”] [err_code=KV:Storage:Unknown] [err=“Error(Engine(Error(Other("[components/tikv_kv/src/raftstore_impls.rs:35]: \"[components/raftstore/src/store/region_snapshot.rs:215]: Key 6364705F757365725F7461673A757365725F69643A313730323239303337313133313030303738 is out of [region 797214] [6364705F757365725F7461673A757365725F69643A313730323332313436323133303030303830, 707573685F6D61726B646F776E5F6C6973745F323032332D31322D30385F3032306165373565613361643331333338383937323939336435306365303539)\""))))”]]
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After one of the TiKV nodes prints this information for a while, TiKV automatically restarts, affecting the business.

After the restart, no more ERROR messages were seen, but another TiKV node is continuously printing, and there is concern it will also restart.
What does this error mean? What is the cause? There is no similar error information found in the community.
[“index out of bounds: the len is 6 but the index is 6”] I saw in the community that this is a bug. It says that TiKV will automatically restart after about 2 years, and it is in the 4.x version. But the current TiKV has been running for less than 1 year. The version is v5.1.2.

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Is this the situation?

| username: jshan | Original post link

It seems to be a similar issue, how can it be resolved?

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Looking at this error message, it seems like a bug. Could you consider upgrading? The new version is more stable and easier to use. First, reproduce the issue in a test environment, then verify it.

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Upgrade the version, update the minor version to the latest.

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It seems like a BUG.

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@Aunt-Shirly Is this question suggesting an upgrade? Are there any other solutions?

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Upgrade the product.