TiKV Node Server Maintenance

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Original topic: tikv节点服务器维护

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The server of the TiKV node needs to be upgraded and maintained, with an estimated downtime of one hour.
Is the operation to directly use tiup stop on this node?
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If it’s a single node, you can do it. Remember to use pd-ctl to increase max-down-time to prevent it from replenishing data.

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It is a node.

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Just stop it directly, but I’m afraid that upgrading the operating system will damage the TiKV files. It’s better to scale down first, and then scale up.

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When a TiKV node stops, the leader will switch, causing fluctuations in the cluster. It is recommended to perform this operation during off-peak business hours.

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Just stop the individual node… but it will affect the cluster…

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First, scale out a node, then scale in.

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Wow, noticed a detail~ Expert-level detail~

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If the cluster can be shut down, you can execute the tiup cluster stop command to shut down the cluster.

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It can be shut down on a single node and done within 30 minutes, which is good. If it takes too long, PD will intervene and cause issues.

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