TiSpark, Insert Affected by spark.tispark.replica_read Parameter

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Original topic: tispark, insert 受 spark.tispark.replica_read 参数影响

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The TiSpark insert operation is affected by the parameter spark.tispark.replica_read.

In spark-default.conf, setting spark.tispark.replica_read follower causes an error when executing insert in spark-shell.

If this parameter line is commented out, the operation succeeds:


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Setting this value should directly access the follower node. In Raft, the follower node only supports read operations. Removing this configuration will default to accessing the Raft leader node. The leader node supports both read and write operations, so you can insert.

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No, the replica_read parameter, as the name suggests, controls which node to select during “read” operations and should not affect “write” operations. Similar parameters in the TiDB server are also designed to address read hotspot issues. In any case, the situation where reads “block” writes is something that needs attention.

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The feature of tidb_replica_read indeed “only” controls “read” operations. My first reaction to the parameter spark.tispark.replica_read is that the operation from TiSpark to TiKV replica only supports read, not write.

I can understand the confusion here. The meaning of this parameter might need some clarification from the official team to avoid any misunderstanding.

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Setting the spark.tispark.replica_read parameter to follower may lead to data inconsistency.

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Well, I think it’s better to ask Yuhang for guidance @shiyuhang0

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It should be that the design was not well thought out. I think this parameter should not affect writing.
I have raised an issue, [BUG] Insert fail with follower read · Issue #2756 · pingcap/tispark · GitHub.
But this problem is easy to avoid, so fixing it is not very urgent. I will handle it when I have time, or anyone interested can also contribute.

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Thank you, Yuhang!

| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

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