Tiup and tiunimanager

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Does it support dual-node deployment, and is there a risk of a single point of failure in one node?

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It’s very simple to restore the backup to another machine.

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These two are just tools. Even if there is a failure, it won’t affect the cluster. You can just set up a new one, no need to have dual nodes.

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Sure, we are currently doing daily backups and have not implemented dual-node deployment.

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A primary-backup cluster is also an option. If the primary cluster fails, it can switch directly to the backup cluster. However, direct synchronization is asynchronous, which may pose a risk of data loss.

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The tiup cluster meta command can be used to back up metadata and synchronize data between primary and standby nodes.

meta [command]

Available Commands:
backup backup topology and other information of cluster
restore restore topology and other information of cluster

-h, --help help for meta

Global Flags:
-c, --concurrency int max number of parallel tasks allowed (default 5)
–format string (EXPERIMENTAL) The format of output, available values are [default, json] (default “default”)
–ssh string (EXPERIMENTAL) The executor type: ‘builtin’, ‘system’, ‘none’.
–ssh-timeout uint Timeout in seconds to connect host via SSH, ignored for operations that don’t need an SSH connection. (default 5)
–wait-timeout uint Timeout in seconds to wait for an operation to complete, ignored for operations that don’t fit. (default 120)
-y, --yes Skip all confirmations and assumes ‘yes’

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This is a tool that can support downtime. If you’re not confident, you can write a monitoring script to restart it yourself.

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Backup and Restore