Tiup cannot scale out tiproxy

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Original topic: tiup不能扩容tiproxy

| username: foxchan

[foxchan@emar105016 tiup]$ tiup cluster --version
tiup version 1.15.0 tiup
Go Version: go1.21.9
Git Ref: v1.15.1
GitHash: 7f0e0fa8b7d5521075a9be2015eff442769fad47

[foxchan@emar105016 tiup]$ more scale-tiproxy.yaml

  • host:

[foxchan@emar105016 tiup]$ tiup cluster scale-out tidb-gs scale-tiproxy.yaml
System ssh client will be used (TIUP_NATIVE_SSH=true)
The --native-ssh flag has been deprecated, please use --ssh=system

Error: Failed to parse topology file scale-tiproxy.yaml (topology.parse_failed)
caused by: yaml: unmarshal errors:
line 1: field tiproxy not found in type spec.topology

Please check the syntax of your topology file scale-tiproxy.yaml and try again.

| username: tidb菜鸟一只 | Original post link

Write it like this

  - host:
| username: foxchan | Original post link

Got it!

| username: TiDBer_QYr0vohO | Original post link

It is tiproxy_servers, not tiproxy.

| username: virvle | Original post link

Too :+1:t2:

| username: dba远航 | Original post link


  • host:
| username: 洪七表哥 | Original post link

Syntax error

| username: system | Original post link

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