Tiup cluster commands

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Original topic: tiup集群命令

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The cluster is running normally, but commands like tiup cluster list cannot be used in the command line.
Here is the error:
Please check for root manifest file, you may download one from the repository mirror, or try tiup mirror set to reset it.
Error: initial repository from mirror(https://tiup-mirrors.pingcap.com/) failed: error loading manifest root.json: open /root/.tiup/bin/root.json: no such file or directory

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It seems that the mirror address is not configured. Try configuring it:
tiup mirror set https://tiup-mirrors.pingcap.com

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Are you sure it’s managed by root?
Check if there is a /root/.tiup/ directory. Could it be that the user made a mistake?

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  1. Confirm whether the installation was done by the root user.
  2. Confirm whether offline installation was used previously.
  3. After confirming the first two points, consider resetting.
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Indeed, it was a mistake by the user. I thought root privileges could execute everything. Thank you.

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Found the problem, got the wrong user, thank you.

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The issue has been identified; the user logged in incorrectly. Thank you.

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Use whichever user installed it; the root user can also install it.

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User permission issue

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