Tiup cluster restart fails to start TiDB

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Original topic: tiup cluster restart 无法启动tidb

| username: 末0_0想

[Test Environment] TiDB
[TiDB Version] v6.5.0
[Reproduction Path]
I need help with my TiDB. Using the following command, I cannot restart the TiDB service and get the following error:
tiup cluster restart zdww-tidb

[FATAL] [server.rs:512] ["lock /home/tidb/tidb-data/tikv-20160 failed, maybe another instance is using this directory."]

However, using the following command, I can restart the TiDB service:
tiup cluster start zdww-tidb -R tidb

How can I troubleshoot this?

I also want to ask about the following error in tiflash_tikv.log in TiFlash. Where can I modify this configuration path?

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Has the address changed?

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Have you modified the storage directories of your TiKV and TiFlash nodes?

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The directory has been modified according to the practices in Using TiUP to Modify Cluster Directory | TiDB Community and 【SOP 系列 12】TiUP 修改集群 IP 、Port 和目录 - TiDB 的问答社区, but currently, TiFlash still cannot start, and I can’t find where the original directory path is still configured.

I also want to ask how to check these down nodes in the Services Port Status. There shouldn’t be any nodes that have crashed.

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