TiUP Deployment Failed

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Original topic: TiUP部署失败

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I am using the server provided by the school and connecting to two servers through a jump server. The control machine is configured with passwordless SSH, but there are still SSH errors during the check, as shown in the picture.

How can I solve this? There is no problem when I use root on my own virtual machine.

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You set up passwordless access for the tidb user, but not for root, right?

This prompt indicates that you didn’t provide a password when logging in as root. If it doesn’t work, try adding -p to the command you originally entered and then input the password to see if it works.

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Manually SSH to see if it works. If not, add the -p parameter to deploy using a password.

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:anguished: Schools are starting to use TiDB now.

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Should the root user operate or the tidb user?
Both should establish mutual trust. If both are done, after the user logs in, test logging in with ssh username@ip.

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You can go talk to the school and set up a course.

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I want to follow along and learn :rofl:

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Try using a password first, without using passwordless authentication.

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Many universities have offered courses.

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Manually test if passwordless login is working: ssh root@ip hostname

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Is passwordless authentication working properly, and are the users consistent?

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Manually enter the password.

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Try setting up passwordless access for root as well.

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Password-free login, enabling root login in sshd, etc., all need to be checked.

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Do you have a root account? Use root to install: -user root -p

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Refer to the documentation and follow the steps:

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Check the SSH configuration.