TIUP Installation Failed

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Original topic: TIUP安装不成功

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Refer to the official documentation to install TiDB. When installing TIUP, I encountered a problem. After executing the command to install TIUP, I found that there was no corresponding .bash_profile file. Additionally, executing source .bash_profile resulted in an error.

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This is not a tiup issue either. Your system uses .profile, so just source .profile.

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The user should log out and log back in to try the tiup command again, as the environment variables have not taken effect.

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Execute source /root/.bash_profile.

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Indeed, it’s a very basic issue. Just follow what you said and execute source .profile, and it will work. Thank you!!

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I mistook you for the root user.
source ~/.bash_profile

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Thank you for the reply. Executing the source .profile command works.

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Previously, I also thought it was a permissions issue, but later I realized it doesn’t necessarily have to be the root user. It turned out that there was no .bash_profile, but there was a .profile. Executing source .profile allowed me to proceed.

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Source it and apply the configuration.

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There is a prompt when installing tiup.

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Apply configuration

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Log out and log back in.

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The file name is incorrect.

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What is your system? Is it a domestic operating system?

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