TiUP v7.5.0 Single Machine Deployment SCP Failure

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Original topic: tiup v7.5.0 单机部署scp失败

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root executes tiup cluster deploy tidb-test 7.5.0 ./minimal.yaml --user root -p 123

An error occurs during scp

  • Configuration file configures mds user
  • Root machine passwordless login
 - Download grafana:v7.5.0 (linux/amd64) ... Done
  - Download alertmanager: (linux/amd64) ... Done
  - Download node_exporter: (linux/amd64) ... Done
  - Download blackbox_exporter: (linux/amd64) ... Done
+ Initialize target host environments
  - Prepare ... Done
+ Deploy TiDB instance
  - Copy pd -> ... Error
  - Copy tikv -> ... Error
  - Copy tidb -> ... Error
  - Copy tiflash -> ... Error
  - Copy prometheus -> ... Error
  - Copy grafana -> ... Error
  - Copy alertmanager -> ... Error
  - Deploy node_exporter -> ... Error
  - Deploy blackbox_exporter -> ... Error

Error: failed to scp /root/.tiup/storage/cluster/packages/tidb-v7.5.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz to failed to scp /root/.tiup/storage/cluster/packages/tidb-v7.5.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz to tidb@ Process exited with status 1
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Please refer to this:

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As the root user, deployment should not fail, and there is no need to configure passwordless access. First, log in as root and manually ssh root@IP_of_the_configuration_file, then try scp.

Also, -p 123, is your root password 123? Try executing directly with tiup cluster deploy tidb-test 7.5.0 ./minimal.yaml --user root -p.

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The -p parameter is a logical value, not a password :laughing:

tiup cluster deploy | PingCAP Documentation Center

-i, --identity_file (string, default ~/.ssh/id_rsa)

Specifies the key file for connecting to the target machine.

-p, --password

  • Use password login when connecting to the target machine, cannot be used simultaneously with -i/--identity_file.
  • Data type: BOOLEAN
  • This option is off by default, with a default value of false. Adding this option in the command and passing in a true value or not passing a value will enable this feature.
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Password verification failed.

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Log in to the control machine and use SSH to log in to the target machine’s IP. If you can log in successfully without entering a password, it means the SSH mutual trust configuration is successful, and theoretically, there should be no issues. However, in principle, deploying as the root user should not result in errors.