/tmp/tidb was not automatically created

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Original topic: tmp/tidb没有自动创建

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An error occurred when creating an index on a table with 1 billion rows.

It was found that the tmp/tidb/tmp_ddl-4001 directory was not automatically created. Manually creating it temporarily resolved the issue. I would like to ask what caused the directory not to be automatically created during deployment and where should I start troubleshooting?

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Was it upgraded in place from a lower version?

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Upgraded to version 7.0.0, it shouldn’t be considered a low version.

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It seems that this issue only started from version 7.1. Upgrading from versions prior to 7.1 will encounter this problem.

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I saw in the official documentation that it was introduced starting from version 6.3.

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This bug was blocked when the corresponding PR was merged into the 7.1 branch… so it wasn’t fixed in 7.1.1.

Now, as of July 19th, it has been merged into the master branch.
It has been fixed, but not completely fixed. :joy:

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It still hasn’t been fixed.

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I don’t know in which version this will be fixed.

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The fix for this issue was only merged into the master branch and it was after the release of version 7.2.
This means that version 7.2 also doesn’t have the fix, so we’ll have to wait for version 7.3.
The PR for the 7.1 branch is blocked, so if this issue isn’t resolved before the release of the next version 7.1.2, version 7.1.2 will still not have this bug fixed.

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Manually build one…

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There is also an issue corresponding to this, and it is still open.

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This issue should only occur in the new version.

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Don’t upgrade to the latest version all at once; using version 6.x is relatively more stable.

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Some team members have already upgraded to 7.1.1 in the production environment. Also, the workaround is very important.

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