Transfer leader won't execute

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Original topic: transfer leader won’t exec

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Testing / PoC
[TiDB Version] V6.5.0
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The following error is present in the Tiflash node logs:
2024-03-19 09:54:14 (UTC+08:00) TiFlash [] [“transfer leader won’t exec”] [req=“cmd_type: TransferLeader transfer_leader { peer { id: 93091883 store_id: 49527554 role: IncomingVoter } }”] [region=“id: 42326328 start_key: 7480000000000043FFDF5F72820000011CFF165F150000000000FA end_key: 7480000000000043FFDF5F728400000092FFE966870000000000FA region_epoch { conf_ver: 141354 version: 26165 } peers { id: 42326329 store_id: 35116930 role: Learner } peers { id: 42326331 store_id: 35116942 role: Learner } peers { id: 92513825 store_id: 88872275 } peers { id: 92929106 store_id: 88872271 } peers { id: 92942229 store_id: 1539464 role: DemotingVoter } peers { id: 93091883 store_id: 49527554 role: IncomingVoter }”]

What is the cause of this error, and how can it be addressed and prevented?

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Judging by the log content, the leader transfer failed :thinking:. This should not affect the normal use of the database, right?

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In version 6.5.0, I found posts with the same error and I’m not sure if there is an issue.

The original poster should first verify if the TiFlash columnar replica is functioning properly and if there are any access issues.