[Trophy Voting] TiDB Community's Third Column Essay Contest, Choose Your Favorite 🏆 Style!

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Original topic: 【奖杯投票】TiDB 社区第三届专栏征文大赛,选出你最心水的 :trophy: 款式吧!

| username: 社区小助手

:boom: The third community column essay contest registration is closed! We have entered the intense review stage now~~
:heart_on_fire: The coolest :trophy: of this column essay contest will be decided by you!

:pushpin: Voting rules:

  • Each person can only vote for one favorite style
  • Voting period: May 31 - June 5

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Give a crazy shout-out to your favorite :trophy:!!

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

Although I don’t have one, I still want to vote :yum:

| username: ShunWah | Original post link

:+1: Each one looks great, :+1: each one is very special.