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Original topic: PCSD考试无法进入

| username: Timothy

Excuse me, everyone. When the exam time started, there was no start exam button. How should I handle this? I had already registered before, and it’s very urgent.

Then I couldn’t do anything, so I canceled the registration. Now the redemption code can’t be used, and I can’t take the exam. Please help.

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To enter the exam certification in my center, click “Start Exam” inside the exam. I also took a long time to find it the first time…

| username: Timothy | Original post link

Sure, thank you.

| username: Soline324 | Original post link

Hello, classmate. The redemption code should still be valid and can be used to redeem other exam sessions available this quarter. If there are any issues with the redemption code, you can directly contact the person who provided you with the code (community points redemption/education partner/PingCAP sales representative).

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I had a similar issue during my last exam. I’m not sure if the official side has fixed the problem yet. I suggest turning on the camera and testing the entire process at least half an hour in advance.

| username: Timothy | Original post link

There should be no problem taking the exam this month. It should be a bug. I took the exam the same way last month and there was no issue.

| username: system | Original post link

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