Unable to find the monitoring metric corresponding to TiKV_GC_can_not_work

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Original topic: 无法找到 TiKV_GC_can_not_work 所对应的监控指标

| username: Raymond

TiDB Version: v6.5.3
Dear teachers, I cannot find the monitoring metric tikv_gcworker_gc_tasks_vec corresponding to TiKV_GC_can_not_work.

Can anyone find the tikv_gcworker_gc_tasks_vec monitoring metric? Also, using the alert expression sum(increase(tikv_gcworker_gc_tasks_vec{task=“gc”}[1d])) to query in Prometheus yields no results. Why is this happening?

| username: redgame | Original post link

Prometheus configuration file, confirm whether the monitoring related to TiKV is correctly configured.

| username: Daniel-W | Original post link

I just checked that the metrics tikv_gcworker_gc_tasks_vec and tikv_gc_compaction_filter_perform are present in version 6.1 but not in version 6.5.3.