Unauthorized Access Vulnerability in ETCD

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Original topic: ETCD未授权访问漏洞

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There is currently an unauthorized access vulnerability in etcd, posing a security risk. We hope the official website can fix it as soon as possible.

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This requires enabling TLS component security authentication.

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Do you have a vulnerability scan report? Can you share a screenshot?

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Reinforcement plan: Enable TLS or prohibit public access to etcd-related ports

Two solutions:

  1. Enable TLS. Unauthorized direct access to the ETCD port will not retrieve any data. This can completely solve the issue and is supported by our product.

  2. Implement ACL access control, allowing access only to specific IPs. This can also prevent unauthorized access to the port.

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Supplementary link

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If the scan misses it, you can only open the system firewall to block this port.

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