Understanding 101 TiKV Read/Write Commit Issues

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Original topic: 看 101 TiKV 读写commit的问题

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After the Raft log has reached the committed stage (persisted), if the user initiates a rollback, what will happen?
Will the Raft log rollback, or will a reverse DML operation be initiated?

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In the same session, how can you issue other commands if your commit has not yet completed?

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Can you still rollback after commit?

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After the committed phase refers to the committed Raft log, not the user’s commit.

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In a transaction, the committed state of the raft log is a step in the user’s commit process.

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I watched it again, indeed, the teacher spoke too fast, I didn’t notice it before.

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A commit is either completed or not executed. If completed, it is committed; if not completed, it can be rolled back.

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This is the commit of Raft, not the user’s commit. I remember there was a video course where the teacher mentioned it.

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There is a difference between the two commits, listen carefully.

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This cannot be done synchronously, and rollback cannot be executed at this time.

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In Raft log replication, “committed” only means that the log entries have been successfully written to the majority of TiKV replicas, ensuring that the written data is not lost (this is not the user’s commit). It is just a stage in Raft log replication. The user’s commit is only returned as successful after the Raft log replication is completed and applied.
Learning, learning.

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