Understanding the tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder Parameter

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Original topic: 关于tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder参数理解

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The tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder parameter controls outer join reordering and is enabled by default. If this parameter is disabled, how will left join and right join in SQL statements be executed? Does disabling the tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder parameter mean that TiDB does not support outer joins?

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I disabled the parameter and tested it. The outer join can also execute normally, and the SQL performance is similar to when the tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder parameter is enabled.

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This parameter affects the join order selection when multiple tables are associated with an outer join. Enabling this allows the optimizer to have more execution plans to choose from, potentially finding a more optimal execution plan. It is enabled by default in higher versions.

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The test case you used might not have triggered this parameter.

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It should be choosing the path of a possible associated data file, or opening it. It’s not easy to test whether it works.

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Still keep it enabled by default.