Update Data Documentation Section to Optimize a Verb-Object Structure Grammar Issue

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Original topic: 更新数据文档章节优化一处动宾结构语法问题

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In the section “Best Practices for INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE”, I found a grammar problem. Based on the context, “将只会一行数据” is a verb-object structure and seems to be missing a verb “更新”. I went ahead and corrected it:

Original text:
“This statement will update the data when any unique key (including the primary key) conflict is detected. When more than one row conflict is matched, only one row of data will be updated.”

Official website:


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Sure, with a discerning eye.

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Got it~ I’ll provide feedback~

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The speed is really fast, it has already been merged, efficiency is top-notch :+1::+1:

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