Update xx set yy where zz, using table index in the where condition, not using TiFlash

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Original topic: update xx set yy where zz,where条件使用表索引,不走tiflash

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The update statement only uses the index on the table and does not go through TiFlash, meaning it can only update based on the index of the table.

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Updates do not go through TiFlash in the first place.

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The image is not visible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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TiFlash is only responsible for synchronizing data, while data writing mainly occurs on the leader.

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The data in TiFlash is all replicated from TiKV, so updates definitely do not update the data in TiFlash.

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What I mean is not to update TiFlash data. Before updating, you need to query the records that need to be updated. Why doesn’t the query use TiFlash?
It should be that TiDB only supports select DML statements to use TiFlash, but update does not.

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