Upgrading to version V6.1.5, numerous errors reported on the Failed Query OPM panel

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Original topic: 升级V6.1.5版本,Failed Query OPM面板大量报错

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Upgraded from V4.0.15 to V6.1.5
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No information about this error code was found in the tidb log, and the tidb cluster is operating normally.

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There should be some set variable error. You can search the logs for the keyword “variable”.

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No logs recorded.

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The image you provided is not visible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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This keyword variable

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In the TiDB server panel, it should indicate which machine this error is on. You can check it.

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The keyword “variable” was also searched, but there are no records.

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I have already searched the logs of these two TiDB instances, but there are no records.

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Search for the keyword “command dispatched failed”.

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The latest search record is from May 6th, and there have been no new records since then.

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error = ‘’’
function %s has only noop implementation in tidb now, use tidb_enable_noop_functions to enable these functions

variable:1235 is related to function implementation. The “noop implementation” mentioned in the error message refers to a special function implemented in TiDB that does not perform any operations and simply returns an empty result set. These functions are usually for compatibility purposes, allowing MySQL code to run in TiDB without errors.

If you encounter this error, you can try using the tidb_enable_noop_functions variable to enable these functions. This variable was introduced in TiDB v4.0.0 to control the behavior of noop functions. By default, TiDB returns an error when you attempt to use an unimplemented feature. When the variable is set to ON, TiDB will silently ignore these unavailable features, which is useful when you cannot change the SQL code.

Here is an example of how to use the tidb_enable_noop_functions variable:

set @@tidb_enable_noop_functions=1;  -- session level
set @@global.tidb_enable_noop_functions=1;  -- global level, note that it takes effect in new sessions

Please note that enabling noop functions may cause unexpected behavior in your application, as it allows TiDB to ignore certain syntax without providing errors. Therefore, the default value OFF is considered safe.

Hope this helps you resolve the issue!

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I have this error.